What have I been doing?

Here is what I have been up to since April!

Some of you keep up with my activities, but for those  who don’t, here is a pared down look at what I have been up to since spring.

John at L & Lorraine (406) Scratched off ‘travel to Costa Rica’ from my bucket list with an awesome Zumba/Yoga retreat in Cahuita hosted by Mindbodyandearth.com



2015-09-24 08.14.52


– ‘Fostered 4 Monarch caterpillars



John at L & Lorraine (226)



Visited Universal Studios with my daughter, 3 grandchildren and my mother (5 out of 6 of BIG Harry Potter world fans!)



In June I  combined visit to St. Louis to see family and attend American Holistic Nurses Conference in Branson. Here I am with Rita Kluny, (in the hat) to my right, my Healing Touch Level I instructor in 1994! To my left, Vicky Slater, a Healing Touch Instructor I learned SO much from in my early years!

John at L & Lorraine (525)

In August I attended the Purium convention in Annaheim, California  (not my date…even better, David Sandoval, co-founder of Purium and creator of the 10 Day Transformation!)John at L & Lorraine (683)


I submitted requirements and application for recertification as Healing Touch Practitioner and in October attended our HBB conference in Naples, FL

2015-09-18 08.28.11


In November I received notice I was approved for recertification as a Holistic Nurse. Hurray!photo (3)





On November 17th I linked arms with 350 folks in the Learn to Blog 30 Day Blog Content Challenge! Check out my blogs!
My 82 year old mother arrived for her 7 month stay with me. She has been a big help as I continue to heal from injuries sustained in a fall on the final day of the Healing Touch conference!

Approaching Thanksgiving I am overflowing with gratitude for all life brings! Full of opportunities for growth, friendship, learning and service. Surprises and opportunities around every corner!

Love and light to you all.


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After a brief session with Donna, I felt complete relief from unrelenting neck and right arm pain I had lived with for months. The pain was so bad I consulted a neurosurgeon and had an MRI.  As Donna was working with me my arm felt warm and tingly. She said I was carrying a great


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