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Provides Oncology Certified Nurses to assist phttp://www.ahna.orgatients dealing with cancer and their loved ones as they go through the often overwhelming journey of treatment. Everyone who is a part of the RN Cancer Guides founding family has been personally touched by cancer in one capacity or another. They have battled the disease, cared for loved ones, supported friends and family members and experienced first-hand the benefit of having a nurse in the family.

Holistic Nursing

American Holistic Nurse’s  Association

Healing Touch

Healing Touch International (Healing Beyond Borders)

The Healing Touch Program‎ 

Atrial Fibrillation Information

Medication education and safety resources

Joint Commission (accredits hospitals)

Weight Loss 

Inspiring  interview by Dr. Oz with Tory Johnson, author of “The Shift” speaking about her process losing weight for good













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After a brief session with Donna, I felt complete relief from unrelenting neck and right arm pain I had lived with for months. The pain was so bad I consulted a neurosurgeon and had an MRI.  As Donna was working with me my arm felt warm and tingly. She said I was carrying a great


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