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Journaling : Suggestions for Self Relationship


We all have moments and experiences in our life that change us…forever. Often, we are unaware at the onset, of the life changing potential these experiences hold in store. Here is one example from my life. When I was informed, back

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My Vision for Making a Difference


My Vision for Making a Difference Although it is a new year my vision and mission have not changed. I did utilize the time from my 60th birthday, in December, through to January 1 for deep introspection and reflection on

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Affirmation – Louise Hay 2016 Calendar


January 1, 2016 Louise Hay affirmation This morning Mom and I eagerly tore off the pages preceding our  January 1, 2016 daily affirmation from Louise Hay. I had purchased an ‘I Can Do It’ calendar last year for the first

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Life is Rich with Possibilities


Life is Rich with Possibilities One of the many outer resources in my healing journey has been music. Specific songs and artists have provided opportunity for me to shed tears and free up my clear thinking and inspire me. They

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Interpreting My Own Dreams


Interpreting My Own Dreams If you have read previous posts of mine you know I dream frequently and vividly and love to interpret my dreams. You may also recall one night in 2004 in which I programmed my dreams seeking

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30 Day Blog Challenge – Success


Day 30 of the #30Daysof Content Challenge If you have been following my blog posts since November 17th you know I have been in involved in the Learn to Blog 30 Day Content Blogging challenge. Today is day 30.

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A Chance Hello and Goodbye


I wrote yesterday about perusing an old jump drive I have and looking at photos and documents. I posted the only poem I have ever written. A poem that poured from my heart and Soul. The following is another document

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The Fire Of Change – a Poem


The Fire of Change Today as I was going through an old jump drive of documents and photos, I came across the poem I wrote fall of 2002 after my divorce. You may recall from prior posts that my husband of

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Astrology – Why Seek a Consultation?


Astrology – Why Seek a Consultation? As I mentioned in prior posts, I have been utilizing astrology as a resource for over 20 years. I am not referring to a reading about my sun sign in the daily newspaper. I

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Inspiration – Dr. (Hunter) Patch Adams


The Power of Caring and Connection Inspiration comes from many sources. Certain movies have had a powerful, and lasting, impact on me. One, in particular, is Patch Adams, which I saw shortly after it was released in 1998. At the

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After a brief session with Donna, I felt complete relief from unrelenting neck and right arm pain I had lived with for months. The pain was so bad I consulted a neurosurgeon and had an MRI.  As Donna was working with me my arm felt warm and tingly. She said I was carrying a great


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