My Vision for Making a Difference

New VisionMy Vision for Making a Difference

Although it is a new year my vision and mission have not changed.

I did utilize the time from my 60th birthday, in December, through to January 1 for deep introspection and reflection on my life, past, present and future and my contributions, as I fine tuned my vision and goals.

While the basic mission has not changed, I find I do have more resolve and commitment to doing whatever it takes to see my vision through to fruition.

More Resolve

I have been dabbling in my vision of how I can contribute, since 1995, after recovery from a self induced, multi-dimensional, stress-induced illness.

This period of my life, a time when my health was at an all time low, brought the opportunity for transformation and clarity.

I was fortunate to have the money and the time to take time out to explore alternative/complementary therapies to address all my dis-ase and fully recover.

I came to realize how I had participated in my health crisis, compassionately facing and then tracing the roots of many long held erroneous beliefs that had come to rigidly define and control me. Many through experiences from childhood and young adulthood.

I saw clearly how I had come to develop low self-esteem and I faced the realization that I only knew who I was through the definition of others.  I became aware of how my tendancy toward ‘people pleasing’ had almost destroyed me.

Born out of my 3 month period of healing was a transition from an administrative position  to a newly created position as Wellness Educator.

This position, which I enjoyed, involved working with home care staff and a the elderly at an assisted living center owned by the hospital and developing wellness education programs.

Listening to My Heart and Soul

My heart and soul were happy again. I was connecting with others in a meaningful way.

I held this position for a year.

Along with providing resource education tools to staff and the ALF residents, I did a lot of listening, and saw the profound results when caring attention and listening were provided.

I provided education in each role, teaching  home care staff and the elderly residents about the impact of stress and healthy ways to manage their stressors.

I saw the effects of stress, repressed grief, anxiety and fear as well as the impact on caregivers, both personal and professional caregivers.

I learned early on in my nursing career that the more connected I was with my patients the better the outcomes.  I was that nurse who always wanted to know about the extension of the patient…who was their inner circle. Who supported them and conversely who did they support.

It was apparent to me  in nursing school that fear and anxiety played a key role in patient progress, or lack of progress, and outcomes.

I loved team conferences. The meetings with social services, nutrition and therapy services to discuss each patient’s plan of care.

I was always ready to provide my input on the other dimensions beyond the physical in patient assessment and developing the plan of care.

My Vision Connected to Who I am

Likely who I am ‘at my core’ is key to my vision.

What is at the core of who I am?

A highly sensitive person who holds a  belief in the goodness of human beings, our inherent connections, hope and optimism and a holistic perspective on health and life.

I also believe that at my core I AM A VISIONARY. A visionary busting out of her comfort zone and committing to showing herself to the world.

I  think most of us left childhood with a  false impression of ourselves, having given up on who we thought we were and succumbing to the image  of who others told us  we were, and I think we are far more magnificent that we are aware of and possess capacities that we haven’t even dreamt of.

As my self-esteem and self-concept have developed over the years,  I do feel I can say I am a deeply caring person at my core. I am a lover of unity,  connection and mutual respect.  I stand up for anything that helps meet this goal.

I stand for social justice.  I am a defender of the oppressed.

I recall a time when I was in junior high school and a group of us who walked home from school together stopped at the drug store to have a soda at the counter. An elderly man was sitting across from us and my companions began making fun of him. I was furious and told them so. I realized that day it hurt my heart to see others diminished.

My vision includes finding ways to make  big changes in the organizations of our societies so everyone’s needs are met, people are given positive regard and we more easily make rational decisions to the end that people are not just trying  to survive but are flourishing.

I heard someone say one time that if you stand for something you will ‘Speak for it, strive for it, suffer for it.’ I have done all three.

We are Doing Our Best-Our Best Can Change

Based on the above, I stand for the belief that we are all doing the very best we can, with the information at hand and our past experiences and that our best can change any time. I believe it produces nothing positive by shaming or blaming ourselves or others when we are not doing our best.

In the years that  I have left on this planet, I will be working to build the sort of world I want to live in.

I yearn to educate others in ways to optimize their well-being on all levels and create support systems where people can skill build in self care.

My business mission is to ‘assist others in accessing inner and outer resource to reach their highest potential in well-being, in a way that serves me as well.’ This mission or desire, is an amended version. The part about serving me as well was added after my husband passed away in 2013.

I am an Educator

I educate and guide to help others know there are choices they can make to help themselves. I encourage them to explore ways to better ‘know themselves’.

Clearly, until someone’s basic needs are met, it is very challenging to make higher level health choices, or explore what it may be that holds us down or back. I envision being a part of those solutions.

I am on a mission to share with others my experiences, coupled with my training, to aid them on their healing journeys.

On my personal mission  I am building a life I have dreamt of, serving  as a true ‘health care worker’ and not a ‘disease care worker’.

If asked, specifically, who  I am trying to help, that would be a tough question.  If you asked my mom she would say I am trying, and always have been trying, to help everyone. My dad would say the same thing if he were alive to be asked the question.

There are many reasons why I am seen in that light.

I guess I would say, specifically, I am trying to help myself.

I Heal, You Heal, We Heal

As I am healed, so are others. We are all intrinsically connected.

If pressed to be specific about who, besides myself, I want to help or impact…I would say, anyone willing to start the journey. Those ready to say, yes, I want to reach a higher level of well-being, forgive myself and others, and compassionately explore what has held me in a place of less than optimal well-being. I want to help anyone, regardless of their ability to pay for assistance. I would also like to help others to help others!

Children, parents and the elderly have a special place in my heart.

This mission is important to me because I have seen first hand the essential need to integrate mainstream medical care with self care, support and access to resources to healing on ALL levels.

20 years ago I chose unorthodox methods to recover from multi-dimensional disease and I want to pay forward what I learned to help others who may not otherwise receive the information or the assistance. I was fortunate to have the time and money to allow me to explore holistic approaches and deeply heal. Not everyone has this opportunity as we live in a produce and consume at all costs culture. Get sick and get well, fast. Mainstream medicine offers this approach in acute illness. People do not have the slack to notice what may have led to their state of dis-ease in the first place.

I had also created a support system for myself which served me well through those months. Many people have very little support.

Providing access to medical care for everyone is essential and for me it is also essential to provide opportunity for holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.

I intend to give back, or pay forward, by sharing in whatever venue at my disposal, what has assisted me in my healing process. I would like to write and teach.

Part of my mission is to continue my own healing process and model the possibility of breaking free of preconceived, self-limiting beliefs obtained from childhood and young adulthood. Getting myself in best shape possible assists others.

I am my number one tool for action in this world.

This is not selfish. This is essential.

‘Put the oxygen on yourself first.’



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One comment on “My Vision for Making a Difference
  1. Michelle says:

    You are such a talented writer, the most selfless and compassionate person I know. I am so proud to call you my FRIEND!

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