Interpreting My Own Dreams

blue vaseInterpreting My Own Dreams

If you have read previous posts of mine you know I dream frequently and vividly and love to interpret my dreams.

You may also recall one night in 2004 in which I programmed my dreams seeking the answer to an important question.

To refresh your memory, or read for first time for background to this post, see the following posts…

As a review, in case you don’t have time to review those posts…

In December of 2003 I headed out to Florida from Missouri to work as a travel nurse in a hospital which was also interested in having me share holistic nursing and Healing Touch concepts with the staff.

After I had been in Florida a few weeks, my daughter called and asked me how I would feel if she attempted to locate her birth father, my first husband, John. I  told her I was fine with it and reminded her she had  the last known address I had for his parents, which was in Florida.

When my daughter contacted John’s parents by mail, John was at their home for the winter.

Although I knew his parents lived in the region where I was travelling to, I did not realize the room I was renting was just a few miles away.

My daughter was coming to see me in March and made plans to meet John at that time. He mentioned to her it would be nice to ‘chat’ with me.

I Need to Make a Decision

I was in turmoil over whether to see him. I prayed for guidance and I programmed my dreams that night with the question – will seeing John be for my highest good? I didn’t just ask, ‘should I see him’, I asked if it would be for my highest good. This is quite a distinction for me considering our subsequent life together and the role our relationship played in yet another personal transformation and healing in my life.

The dreams I had that night are also shared in my post ‘Life is an Adventure’ but I share them again now as well.

Here are the 3 dreams I had that night:

Dreams 2/5 – 2/6/2004

Scene/Dream 1
It is our initial meeting. I am walking along side him. He is to my left. It is a pretty day. I look over at him and take in how beautiful he is. We walk further. Suddenly I reach my hand out to him to take. He says nothing, but his face lights up and he takes my hand. We walk, hand in hand.

Scene/Dream 2
I am walking in a park or a forest dense with trees. It is a light, clear day. I reach an area where I can see a very small opening that allows me to look into a clearing of sorts. I see John. He has set up a campsite. I stand there very still and quiet, but he senses my presence. His face lights up and he beckons me into the clearing. I slowly, almost reverently, part the trees and enter the clearing.

Scene 3/Dream 3
I am at my mom and dad’s house. They are both there (this is not a house I ever lived in or saw). There is a knock on the door. I look out the window and see it is John. I say to my Mom, “it’s John.” She says, “Invite him in”. I open the door and I either tell him to come in or I beckon him in. The door he is at is the door to a carport. I turn around and leave and go to my bedroom where I either clean out my purse or where I was cleaning out my purse. I am not sure. The volume of stuff that I have taken out of my purse would not have possibly been able to have fit in the size of purse I had, but regardless it had come from there. I had a tent in my room next to the bed and was storing some of the items in the tent. In particular I had 3 potted plants of varying sizes. All were not healthy but I did not want to throw them away. I had to find spots for them where they would be safe in the tent. I recall one of them was in a small vase exactly like one I have at home that is a gorgeous, royal blue color. The others were in pots. People are in and out of my bedroom and I am showing them all the stuff that was in my purse. I only recognize one person, Sally, who I worked with in Home Care – she was hysterically humorous– could always make me laugh – and when I crashed and burned on my 39th birthday  gave me as a gift a blanket with astrological signs that I used in my Healing Touch  practice for many years.

I am soon aware that there is no food in the house and there were many children and young people there. I do not want to be the person responsible for getting and preparing food.

Suddenly I realize John is in the house and I need to go see him. I jump up and try to straighten my bed covers. I find that I have 3 bedspreads on the bed and I just can’t straighten them out…make them lay nicely, one on top of each other. The bottom spread is solid white (similar to but not the exact one I bought when Clint and I separated), the middle one is lavender/purple and is the comforter I have used on my bed in the past (when Clint and I were together and I sometimes use it when it is really cold) and the top one is brand new and is an old fashioned, hand sewn, beautiful quilt. I try but just cannot get them to layer. It’s like they have a mind of their own and each want of a piece of them to be seen. Michele was in the dream but I don’t remember details.

As a result of prayer and the clear answer from the three dreams, I decided to meet with him.

As you may know, we remarried 9 months later.

Years Later I More Deeply Review the Dreams

In reading through my journals, as I often do,  I found an entry from February 17, 2007, 3 years from when John and I met in Florida,  and found that I had been reviewing these dreams and interpreting them further.

Here is what I wrote in the journal:

2/17/07 – reflections on the dreams I had February 2004 about meeting John

Dream 1 -Wow. Shortly after we got back together we went to Powder Valley Park and took a walk. It was a clear day. He was to my left on the trail AND this was the first time we held hands. I was the one who reached out to him. (prophetic)

Dream 2 -what is that quote, “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” Me, “creating an opening”, willing to look beyond into what was possible rather than what had been.

Dream 3 – “not a house I had ever been in before”… While most professional dream interpreters say a house represents the dreamers self or Soul and to be in a house I have never been in before may have been indicating a new phase of my life or new sense of self. I saw it as a fresh start?

The fact that Mom and Dad were there made sense, as they were both there in 1974 when John and I first married.  Both were displeased with John’s behavior, yet Mom was able to find compassion and forgiveness for him. Appropriate that she would be the one to say, ‘invite him in’.  As my own dream interpreter I would say that if everyone in the dream represents a part of the dreamer, then my psyche wanted to forgive and find compassion as well.  Seems significant that mom spoke and dad was silent. Clearly, it would have been quite a no, as the answer to my question as to whether to see him,  if in the dream dad had called out from another room, “Tell him to go away!”

So funny that I wrote about not wanting to be the person responsible for getting and preparing food, since John was a chef! Seriously, though, I think it referred to my life long role of the nurturer. Then,  a direct and quite clear answer from my psyche about whether to see him, “I realize John is in the house and I need to go see him”! Wow.

The three plants,’ not all of them healthy’…could be three facets of me, could be John and Michele and me, Clint and Michele and me or maybe my mother and father and me? All of those triads?

“One in a beautiful blue vase”…blue the color of the throat chakra…my finally speaking my spiritual truth…being true to who I am. Is this possibly a new relationship with John that can be healthier now, for me and for our daughter?

The ‘gift…of astrological signs’. Wow. After he showed up at my door and I was considering entering into a deeper relationship with him, I had our astrological charts done to see what it showed!

The bedspreads? What an image for me. Could they represent significant stages of life experience for me?

“Solid white”, my childhood and early life-innocent and naïve.

Lavender/purple – the growth of my spiritual life over the years – burgeoning from the prior experiences.

The “brand-new, hand sewn, patchwork quilt, the essence of all I had experienced and who I had been and become coming together in a beautiful piece of artwork—me—and moving forward into a new relationship with John.

I love receiving guidance from myself!

Dreamworld information is fascinating!

Have you had dreams that played a significant role in your life?

I would LOVE to hear about key dreams you have had, the ones you have never forgotten and in fact can still recall minute details,  and the impact they have had on your life.




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